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"On the Street" - doing business 1940s style !

Here are some excellent shots of your friendly neighbourhood "Spiv" selling stockings, suspenders, and saucy pics of glamour pin-ups as well as other generally "hard to find" wartime items in Haworth at the Haworth Village 1940s Weekend. Needless to say, great fun was had by all - but I've still got to keep away from that official looking RAF bloke though...

[N.B. Move your mouse pointer over the pictures to read the captions..]

Psst !! - Can I interest you in some vintage style stockings, Madam ? Psst !! - How's about a treat for the hubby, Madam ? Psst !! - Have a look in my trunk, Madam ! And this is how you put them on.. Psst !! - Can I interest you in some very sexy suspenders, Madam ? C'est moi - Dodgy Rodge Meet my partner in crime - oops sorry - meant to say 'business' !! Caught off duty ! With yet another satisfied customer.. And here's one of my delectable assistants And off duty again !
Photo by kind courtesy of Emma Edwards Watch the birdie !
Care to examine the goods, Madam ? Honest officer - I'm just trying to make a decent living in difficult times.. Now they've gone let's see if we can find another punter...

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