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Getting around - business travel vintage style !

A hard-working spiv needs a set of wheels from time to time. Here are a few of the quality vehicles I've "borrowed" in the past:

Me in that Morgan I borrowed off that RAF bloke Me in the Morgan I borrowed off that RAF bloke Me in the Morgan I borrowed off that RAF bloke

The above pictures are of the Morgan I "borrowed" off that RAF bloke who's always making my life a misery. The silly old sod left his keys in the ignition at the Pickering 1940s Wartime Weekend and naturally I was off like the clappers. Still hasn't caught up with me, I'm glad to say ;-)

[Editor's note: For those citizens who are more law abiding than our "man on the street" Dodgy Rodge a Morgan similar to the above can be hired legitimately from Classic Car Hire North !]

And here I am making a slower getaway !

And here's me making a slightly slower getaway at the Haworth 1940s Weekend.

Steampunk spivmobile

And here's me with the "steampunk spivmobile" - an even slower getaway vehicle at the Haworth Steampunk Weekend..

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