Mobile Websites from Eagle Intermedia

Internet usage is changing, and with more people accessing the web using mobile devices it’s important to make sure that a business website works well in the small “touchscreen” based environment.

Unfortunately, many company websites have been designed with larger “mouse controlled” screens in mind, and so become difficult or even impossible to use when viewed on smaller devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Eagle Intermedia has long advocated the design of websites which work well on all kinds of different devices, though for all sorts of reasons many companies' websites do not meet the criteria for "universality" (which should ensure that the site works in a wide range of different environments) and mobile "responsiveness" (which means that the material presented is resized and displayed in a way which is more suited to the mobile browsing experience).

The best solution to this problem is usually a complete redesign, though this can be expensive. A quicker and usually cheaper alternative is to have a separate mobile website created. Such a site might only contain basic information, but make use of mobile facilities (such as direct calling via a telephone button and social media integration) to encourage maximum “engagement” with potential customers.

With this approach in mind Eagle Intermedia has launched a low cost package which includes creation of a basic mobile site - including company information and contact pages (which can be set up to display on mobile devices via automatic redirection from an existing desktop site where this is appropriate).

For more information please contact Eagle Intermedia.