Environmental Statement

Given observational analysis and a strong scientific consensus on the evidence for anthropogenic global warming and climate change, Eagle Intermedia believes that it is the responsibility of business as well as the individual citizen to ensure that the harmful effects of "non-returnable" emissions of greenhouse gases (such as carbon dioxide produced by the burning of fossil fuels) are minimised and/or offset as appropriate.

Pollution due to air travel is seen to be a significant part of the problem (at least as far as transport is concerned), and Eagle Intermedia believes that the polluting effects of business and leisure air travel should therefore be minimised. Where air travel cannot reasonably be avoided the company supports the concept of attempting to achieve "carbon neutrality" by making payments and providing practical assistance to charity schemes and other initiatives devised to help offset the pollution caused by such activities (e.g. by planting trees which should at least temporarily remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere), and would urge other businesses and individuals to consider doing likewise.

Information about the amounts of carbon dioxide produced by flying and other polluting activities (as well as how to make donations to organisations whose schemes can help offset its effects) can be found on the following external websites (which are listed in (approximate) alphabetical order:

For more about trees, forests and the forestry industry in general you can also follow ForestryHour on Twitter. Follow ForestryHour on Twitter

Further information about recycling, carbon neutrality and other environmental business issues can also be found on the following websites (which are listed in approximate alphabetical order):

You can also use the environment friendly tree planting search engine Ecosia at https://www.ecosia.org

[N.B. = Please note that the above links refer to external websites whose contents and schemes are not necessarily endorsed or recommended by Eagle Intermedia.]

Eagle Intermedia advocates homeworking and would urge similar businesses to shift operations to the Internet wherever it is possible and practical to do so. Such a policy should ensure that staff do not have to make time-wasting commuter journeys (which produce pollution and which are undoubtedly a major source of congestion and frustration on the overcrowded British roads).

The company is also interested in local conservation issues (especially in Bronte Country and the nearby Yorkshire Dales) and has helped with local tree planting initiatives. Eagle Intermedia is also a supporter and corporate member of the Friends of the Dales (formerly known as the Yorkshire Dales Society) - an organisation which supports conservation in the Yorkshire Dales region.

Paris Pledge for Action

Eagle Intermedia is a signatory to the Paris Pledge for Action - an initiative supporting the "COP21" 2015 Paris climate change agreement to deal with carbon emissions at the international level.

[N.B. = Please note that the above links refer to external websites whose contents and schemes are not necessarily endorsed or recommended by Eagle Intermedia.]