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A yellow gnome

Welcome to the Gnome Garden of Fear and Wonder

Here are some scary (and some not-so-scary) gnomes. Move your mouse over the pictures and click to see each gnome in its "home environment"...

A ghastly mining gnome That same ghastly mining gnome - a little closer Whooaaa - up way too close !!
Gnome at night. Gnome at night again - but closer. Gnome at night - closer still.
Gnome garden, Haworth Gnome garden, Haworth Gnome garden, Haworth
Oh no - it's THAT one again !! Click here to enter a whole new realm of horror.. An abusive gnome apparition, as photographed in a snowbound car park in the French Alps sometime in March 2007
a pole gnome - depoled !! not gnomes - but just as worrying not gnomes - but just as worrying
hellish inquisition gnome horrific inquisition gnome hellish inquisition gnome horrific inquisition gnome
hellish and horrific inquisition gnome

Gnomes can be disturbing. They are probably best left well alone.
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Other Gnome Related Websites

If you really must see more gnomes, then check out the following (externally maintained) gnome related web sites, web pages and videos:

The Army of Subscription Gnomes
(positively incomprehensible gnome video on YouTube)

Fear and Little Men - Alien Abduction by Gnomes and Fairies
(another YouTube video - but be warned, this one is completely deranged!)

The notorious evil bloodsucking gnomes of Troller's Gill in the Yorkshire Dales.
(follow one on Twitter - if you dare!)

Scary Pumpkinhead
(not a gnome, but just as - if not even more - scary)

Gnome World
(back to YouTube again - this time a "liveable installation" with gnomes taking over in a domestic environment; will the horrors ever cease?)

Make Gnome Mistake
(brutally merciless gnome hunting video on YouTube from "Your Garden Day")
(a website about gnomes; whatever next?)

The Flute Tune
(an unreasonably cheerful gnome flautist finally gets bagged and captured here - deservedly so too!)

If you know of a suitably twisted gnome related website that you would like to suggest for inclusion in the above list, then please contact Eagle Intermedia.