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Count Vladimir "Dracule" Dodjula

Photo of me in party mood.
More vampiric photos here

Greetings, fiends. Permit me to introduce myself. I am Count Vladimir "Dracule" Dodjula - but my fiends just call me "Vlad".

You may have seen me at the Whitby Goth Weekend, joining in the fun at the Hallowe'en celebrations in Haworth or lurking in the shadows of Pendle Hill at Hallowe'en.

My hobbies and interests include needlework, vampiric ear chomping, and of course necks - especially of young virgins (but try finding one of those on the streets of Whitby on a Saturday night).

My favourite foods include oysters and pomegranites. Quite naturally I also enjoy a good Chateaubriand steak ("a poid" - if you please) !

Events and other things I enjoy include the Whitby Goth Weekend, Haworth Village at Hallowe'en, Hallowe'en itself and Bonfire Night, as well as strange thingies in general.

Things I dislike include garlic bread and wooden stakes (which give me particularly bad heartburn).

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