Special projects being run by Eagle Intermedia include the following web based resources and commercial information services:

Science and Education

    Particle Physics
  • Particle Physics
    an international portal service covering the subject of experimental and theoretical high energy physics

Travel and Tourism (UK)

    Bronte Country, West Yorkshire The Yorkshire Dales The Yorkshire Coast The North York Moors
  • Bronte Country
    a special site promoting the literature of the Bronte sisters and related tourist destinations in the north of England
  • The Yorkshire Dales
    providing tourist information about the Yorkshire Dales (an area which includes one of England and Wales' national parks)
  • The Vale of York
    information about the Vale of York and the Vale of Mowbray
  • The North York Moors
    providing tourist information about the North York Moors (Yorkshire's other national park)
  • The Yorkshire Wolds
    information about the Yorkshire Wolds
  • The Yorkshire Coast
    information about the Yorkshire Coast

Miscellaneous (including other UK and Europe travel and tourism sites)

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